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  • The agency's mandates and functions, names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information
  • 2016 Organizational Chart
  • Vision, Mission, and Mandate
  • Powers and Functions
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Directory of DILG XI Officials
  • Directory of Field Officers
  • Citizens Charter - Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA)

Statement of Allotments, Obligations, and Balances (SAOB) 2016

Financial Accountability Report (2017)

FAR No. 1A 

SAOB - [As of December 2017] 

Status of Implementation (Locally-Funded Projects)



ISO-Quality Management System




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SP-R11-01 - Control of Maintained Internal Documented Information

SP-R11-02 - Control of Retained Documented Information

SP-R11-03 - Risk Identification, Evaluation And Control

SP-R11-04 - Non-Conformity and Corrective Action

SP-R11-05 - External Client Satisfaction Survey

SP-R11-06 - Regional Internal Quality Auditing

SP-R11-07 - Management Review

SP-R11-08 - Control of Nonconforming Output

SP-R11-09 - Process Performance Monitoring and Measurement

SP-R11-10 - QMS Planning

SP-R11-11 - Services Complaints Handling

CR-R11 - Context Registry

IP-R11 - Interested Parties Matrix



Finance and Administrative Division (FAD)

General Support Services Section

QP-R11-FAD-GSSU-14 - Preparation of Annual Procurement Plan (APP)

QP-R11-FAD-GSSU-15 - Management of Facilities

QP-R11-FAD-GSSU-16 - Provision of Vehicular Support Services

QP-R11-FAD-GSSU-17 - Maintenance of Vehicles

QP-R11-FAD-GSSU-18 - Disposal of Unserviceable Properties Thru Public Bidding

QP-R11-FAD-GSSU-19 - Physical Inventory

QP-R11-FAD-GSSU-20 - Evaluation of Supplier/ Service Provider's Performance

QP-R11-FAD-GSSU-21 - Procurement Process Thru Public Bidding for Goods and Services

QP-R11-FAD-GSSU-22 - Procurement Process Thru Negotiated Procurement (Small Value Procurement)

QP-R11-FAD-GSSU-23 - Procurement of Common Use Supplies and Equipment Thru Procurement Service, Department of Budget and Management

QP-R11-FAD-GSSU-24 - Inspection, Acceptance and Issuance of Deliveries

Accounting/ Budget/ Cash Section

QP-R11-FAD-BS-26 - Preparation and Submission of Financial Accountability Reports (FAR1 and FAR1-A, FAR1-B)

QP-R11-FAD-BS-AS-CU-27 - Processing and Payment of Claims

QP-R11-FAD-AS-28 - Processing of Liquiditation of Special Disbursing Officer (SDO) for Training/ Seminar and Other Similar Activities

QP-R11-FAD-CU-64 - Provision of Cashiering Services

Personnel Section

QP-R11-FAD-PS-29 - Recruitment, Selection and Promotion (RSP) for 1ST and 2nd Level Personnel

QP-R11-FAD-PS-30 - Leave Administration

QP-R11-FAD-PS-31 - Learning and Development

QP-R11-FAD-PS-32 - Maintenance of Human Resource Database

QP-R11-FAD-PS-33 - Monitoring the Implementation of the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS)

QP-R11-FAD-PS-34 - Provision of Public Assistance and Handling of Complaints

Records Section

QP-R11-FAD-RS-35 - Regional Records Management

Local Government Regional Resource Center (LGRRC)

QP-R11-ORD-LGRRC-36 - Press Release/s

QP-R11-ORD-LGRRC-37 - Provision of LGRRC Knowledge Products: Hard and Soft Copy of Materials/Data (Knowledge Sharing)

QP-R11-ORD-LGRRC-60 - Development of Information and Education Campaign (IEC) Materials

Planning Evaluation and Data Processing Unit (PEDPU)

QP-R11-FAD-BS-25 - Preparation of Regional Budget Proposal

QP-R11-ORD-PEDPU-43 - Process in Operational Planning and Budgeting

QP-R11-ORD-PEDPU-59 - Process in Planning for Program/Project Implementation

Regional Legal Service Unit (RLSU)

QP-R11-ORD-LU-038 - Rendition of Legal Opinion

QP-R11-ORD-LU-039 - Conduct of Fact-Finding Investigation

QP-R11-ORD-LU-040 - Implementation of the Ombudsman, Orders and Resolutions of the Ombudsman, COMELEC and Court

QP-R11-ORD-LU-061 - Document Review & Provision of Comments

Regional Project Development and Management Unit (PDMU)

QP-R11-ORD-PDMU-41 - Review and Approval of Locally-Funded Project Documentary Requirements

QP-R11-ORD-PDMU-42 - Monitoring and Evaluation of Locally-Funded Projects

Proponent LGU Project Change Request

Regional Information and Communications Technology Unit (RICTU)

QP-R11-ORD-RICTU-44 - Provision of Technical Assistance on Information Communications Technology (ICT) Resources

QP-R11-ORD-RICTU-45 - Posting of Information on the DILG Region 11 Website

Local Government Capacity Development Division (LGCDD)

QP-R11-LGCDD-SPSL-01 - Provision of Technical Assistance on Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS)

QP-R11-LGCDD-ATPELG-02 - Conduct of Capacity Development Initiatives

QP-R11-LGCDD-ATPELG-03 - Processing and Payment of Death Benifit Claims for Deceased Barangay Officials

QP-R11-LGCDD-ATPELG-04 - Issuance of Certificate of Incumbency to Barangay Officials

QP-R11-LGCDD-ATPELG-05 - Process of Application for Scholarship Grants of Local Government Officials and Employees

QP-R11-LGCDD-SPSL-09 - Review of LGU's GAD Accomplishment Report (GAR) of Preceding Year and Gender and Development Plan and Budget (GPB) of Succeeding Year (Client-Focused)

Issuance of Certificate Service Rendered By Barangay Officials for CSC Eligibility

Local Government Monitoring and Evaluation Division (LGMED)

QP-R11-LGMED-PRES-63 - DILG PPA Implementation Monitoring and Reporting

QP-R11-LGMED-GAPES-06 - Endorsement of the LGU's Request for the Issuance of Certificate of Compliance to Full Disclosure Policy (FDP)

QP-R11-LGMED-GAPES-07 - Endorsement of LGU Requests for Issuance of Authority to Purchase Motor Vehicle

QP-R11-LGMED-PRES-08 - Processing of Request for the Issuance of Good Financial Housekeeping (GFH) Certification

QP-R11-LGMED-LDIS-10 - Endorsement of LGU Request for Additional Confidential Fund

QP-R11-LGMED-LDIS-11 - Implementation of Lupong Tagapamayapa Incentives Awards

QP-R11-LGMED-PRES-12 - Processing of Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) Grant to LGUs

QP-R11-LGMED-PRES-13 - LGU SGLG Assessment