DILG XI celebrates the 120th Philippine Independence Day

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) XI is one with the nation in celebrating the 120th Independence Day of the Philippines on June 11, 2018 at LGRRC Conference Room, DILG XI, Matina.

The activity started with the discussion led by the Regional Director, Alex C. Roldan about the history of the Philippines, Mindanao and Davao City relating to the independence the people is experiencing today.

Independence Day is important to a country because it’s the very reason for its existence. To simplify this, independence gives a nation the right to decide its own fate; whether the fate will be a good one or not, it depends on the vision of its leaders.

He also underscored the importance of personal perspectives and actions taken as DILG employees which will eventually redound to the country’s development.

“Our role in DILG comes with responsibilities. We are one with the President in his fight against criminality, drugs, terrorism and corruption,” he said.

He added that in order to fight corruption, the voters should know who to vote and be educated on the leaders’ platform of governance.

He ended his message saying “If you see something wrong, and you can do something about it, then take a stand and do something about it.”

The activity ended with a film viewing entitled “Jose Rizal.”


Rd Alex C. Roldan giving his Independence Day message and insights on governance.


DILG XI employees listen attentively to RD Roldan’s discussion about Independence Day.


DILG XI employees watching the film Jose Rizal.

Rd Alex C. Roldan discussing the history of the Philippines and Mindanao.